Express Entry

Express Entry

Express Entry is an entirely electronic process involving the federal government, provincial governments, and Canadian employers. This program offers Entry to Canada for skilled and qualified immigrants. The new Express Entry program provides permanent residency to immigrants who can fill jobs without available skilled Canadian workers.

How does Express Entry work?

STEP 1: Potential candidates fill out an online Express Entry form.

Candidates eligible for the Express Entry program can complete an online profile that will include various details about them, including their skills, language ability, education, previous work experience, etc. Candidates who meet the criteria of one or more of the federal economic immigration programs under Express Entry will be sorted into a pool of eligible individuals. These individuals are then ranked according to their chances of financial success. The highest-ranking candidates and those who have qualifying offers of employment or provincial/territorial nominations will receive a formal invitation to apply for permanent residency. However, there is no guarantee of receiving an invitation to apply for permanent residence, as this depends on numerous factors and their ranking. 

Step 2: The Government invites the successful candidates, and the permanent residency is processed within six months.

Those with a higher rank in the pool (based on skills, experience, eligible job offers, and relevant nomination where applicable) are then invited to apply for permanent residency and have a maximum of 60 days to submit their electronic application. E-applications are then required to be submitted through one of the below-mentioned programs:

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Most are usually pushed through swiftly by CIC, with many completed within six months.

Candidates who apply for the Express Entry Program but are not invited to apply for permanent residency after a year may then resubmit their profile and re-enter the pool as long as they are still eligible for the program. 

What is the Comprehensive Ranking System, and how does it affect my Express Entry application?

The Comprehensive Ranking System ranks eligible candidates for immigration to Canada. Points are given within the following categories: age, level of education, official language proficiency, second official language, Canadian work experience. 

What is my CRS score?

For each category below, there is a maximum number of points that can be awarded. The points awarded are dependent upon numerous factors such as age, level of education, whether or not you have a spouse or common-law partner. 

  • Age
  • Level of Education
  • Official Language Proficiency
  • Second Official Language
  • Canadian Work Experience
  • Spouse or common-law factors
  • Spouse/common-law partner’s level of education
  • Spouse/common-law partner’s official languages proficiency
  • Spouse/common-law partner’s Canadian work experience
  • Skill transferability factors
  • Canadian work experience + foreign work experience
  • Employment offer in Canada

Am I eligible for Express Entry?

Requirements for eligibility vary depending on the class you wish to apply under. Candidates are also required to achieve a minimum score on the Comprehensive Ranking System. Points are based on age, education, language ability, certifications, and Canadian and non- Canadian work experience.