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Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa

A visit to the United Kingdom needs a Visa which is commonly termed as the Standard Visit Visa which opens one’s doors to travel to the UK with ease. Being an epicenter of trade, commerce, lifestyle, fashion & cultural variations the UK has always been among the top–notched choices to choose the UK for Tourism or business-related purposes.

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UK VISIT Visa Details

You can apply for a UK visa online by making an appointment at VFS. The visa process takes between 3-4 weeks. Once issued, you can stay for up to 6 months in Britain. For:

  • Visits to family and friends in the UK
  • Visit the UK for tourism and leisure
  • Medical reasons for a visit to the UK
  • Other activities not related to business


You will need the following documentation to obtain a UK visa for a visit:

  • Personal details
  • Financial details and salary
  • Itinerary and travel history
  • You can prove that you have the funds to cover your stay
  • You can prove that you are able to pay for your flight from or to the UK
  • You will be leaving the UK at the conclusion of your visit.
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Eligibility to receive The United Kingdom Visitor visa

  • To be eligible for a visa to travel to the country, you must meet the following criteria.
    1. You must be a true traveler
    2. You are eligible to pay all expenses. You must have sufficient funds to provide for yourself and your dependents during the stay.
    3. Reasons to Return –Strong ties with your country will guarantee that you return home after your stay.
    4. Have good character. You need to have a clean criminal record and good character. For the same, you may need to submit a PCC (Police Clearance Certificate).
    5. You must be in good health. At least you meet the minimum requirements of the authorities.