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Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa

Ireland, known for its green lush mountains, the landscape in Europe, and the longest coastal touring route in the world. A separate Visa needs to be applied for traveling to Ireland In order to visit the country, you should apply for a short-stay visa i.e. the ‘C’ visa. It is advisable to apply for this visa 3 months prior to the scheduled date of travel. Visitors Visa for Ireland stands at a validity for a maximum period of 90 days (3 months). One can also travel to Ireland with a UK Visa as well.

We perform the role of advising for the accurate documents required, funds, filing of the documents, and reviewing of the documents for the application of the Visa making each penny spent out of your pocket worth the spending.

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Who is it for?

Visitor Visa is for anyone who wants to visit Ireland for a temporary purpose like a vacation or to visit family or friends. 

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Documents Required

  • Passport with at minimum six months of validity
  • A letter stating the reasons you want to visit Ireland
  • A detailed outline of what you will do during your time in the country
  • Reservation confirmations printed on paper detailing the place you’ll be staying (hotels guesthouses, guesthouses, etc.)
  • Documentation of having travel insurance and medical insurance
  • The proof of payment of the fees to apply for visas
  • A proof that you’ll be returning to your home country following your trip. To be able to prove this, you must be able to prove your family and work obligations in your country of origin.
  • A proof that you have the money to sustain yourself throughout your duration. This could include bank statements from the last six months.