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Study Visa

Student Visa

All Indian students have the opportunity to study in the United States. However, as a condition of entry, you will need to apply for a student visa. Your age and the type of study you want to do in the US will determine the visa you need. Below is a list of all the types of study visas available and how to apply for them.


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The following information is generally required for your US Student Visa application

  • Valid passport at least six months after your stay
  • Recent passport size photograph
  • Confirmation page for DS-160
  • Form I -20
  • Application fees for SEVIS must be paid
  • Non-immigrant applicant
  • If there are additional requirements, your University will inform you.
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Get ready for your interview by scheduling and preparing

The U.S. consulate or embassy can arrange your F1 visa interview. Interview times vary depending on where you live, what season it is, and what visa category you are applying for. It is important to apply early for your visa. An F1 student visa to the USA can be issued up until 120 days before your start date for your course. An F1 visa is only valid for 30 days prior to your study start date.

Participate in your F1 Visa Interview

The F1 visa interview will determine if you are eligible to receive an F1 student Visa for the USA. Your visa approval will depend on whether you have all the required documents and met the F1 visa requirements.

A visa issuance fee may be required. For records, digital fingerprint scans may be required. For visa applications, your passport will need to be taken. You will be informed about when it can be returned by mail or pick-up.