Nursing Registration

As the demand for nurses in Canada is growing, nursing can be a pathway to success. Canada is one of the three top countries where nurses are paid the highest salaries. The shortage of registered nurses could reach 60,000. A large portion of Canada’s working population is approaching retirement.

The backbone of Canada’s HealthCare System is the Registered Nurses (RNs). Their duties generally include working with patients, recording and analysing their symptoms, performing diagnostic tests and assisting doctors.

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Registered Practical Nurses


There are overlaps in the duties of Registered Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses (RNs). Some differences depend on the level of nursing knowledge, entry and competency. A practical nursing diploma from an accredited Canadian college is required to become an RPN. This usually takes two years.


Internationally educated nurses


You can be a registered skilled nurse outside of Canada, such as in India. You will need to take a bridging program for nursing registration if you are a skilled nurse registered outside of Canada (e.g., in India). These programs will give you the clinical experience and knowledge required to satisfy the regulatory body’s ‘evidence-of-practice’ requirements.

Verification of course completion will be sent to the regulator as evidence of practice and eligibility after completing the bridging programme.

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Registering to be a registered nurse

Internationally educated nurses must have a General Certificate to register to practice nursing in Canada as Registered Nurses or Registered Practical Nurses. International applicants must meet the following requirements to be eligible for registration:

Canadian Work Authorization Document

  • A four-year Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing or Practical Nursing Diploma is required to complete a nursing program.
  • The international student must have been a nurse for at least three years before the Certificate of Registration is issued.
  • For Registered Nurses, completion of the NCLEX RN or CPNRE (Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exam).
  • Language proficiency in English or French. Non-English-speaking students should also provide proof of IELTS (TOEFL, CELBAN) or an equivalent. A minimum band score of 5.5 and an overall band score of 6.0.