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Nursing Reg

Regulation of nurses in Australia is on the basis of the alliance as Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, commonly known as AHPRA, works in partnership with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) to regulate Australian nurses, midwives, and nursing and midwifery students and get registered in Australia. Varied options are present for Nurses to carry on their respective professions due to the rising infrastructure and ease for Nurses to work with amenities that Australia as a country offers. Numerous steps and procedures are involved during the application process which demands high accuracy to smoothen this our team is equipped with professionals to bring along the steps minimizing the loopholes which would occur henceforth during the application process. The growing demand provides a great opportunity for overseas qualified nurses to get enhanced job prospects or move to Australia permanently as a complete skilled migrant. Another option is that graduates become Enrolled Nurses which can work in numerous occupations including hospitals, residential care facilities, medical centers, and community health centers.

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Basic Requirements

1. An applicant would require a range of ‘proof of identity documents including Biostatistical pages of your passport, Change of name documentation (marriage certificate, decree nisi, deed poll) & A passport-sized photo taken in the last six months.

2. One needs to improve proficiency in the English language and are required to appear for IELTS, PTE, OET,& TOEFL If you are qualified as a nurse in one of the following countries with a bachelor degree (at level 7) or a diploma (level 5) as well as further education.

3. One must be in a position to provide evidence of having practiced as a nurse or midwife in the five years prior to submitting your application.

4. You will be required to submit professional references that must meet the following criteria: One must be on official letterhead, Be written by a direct supervisor who is a nurse or midwife, should be dated & contain an official signature.

5. Applicant must also prove that there have been no previous proven disciplinary proceedings against you, that there are no restrictions on arising from mental incapacity, that there are no restrictions on you arising from physical incapacity, that you have no criminal history which would preclude you from working as a nurse or midwife in Australia. Once you are registered with AHPRA as a nurse you then need a VISA to be allowed to live and work in Australia. There are a number of VISA s available for Nurses like Temporary Skill Shortage Visa, Employer Nomination Scheme ( Permanent Visa) & Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (Permanent Visa).

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You must be able to show evidence that you have been a nurse or midwife for at least five years before you submit your application.

You will be required to submit professional references that must meet the following criteria:
One must be written on official letterhead. It should be signed and dated by an official supervisor, who must be a nurse or midwife.

  • The applicant must also show that they have not been subject to disciplinary proceedings, that you are free from any restrictions arising out of mental incapacity, and that you are free from restrictions arising out of physical incapacity.
  • To be able to work and live in Australia, you will need a VISA once you have been registered with AHPRA. VISAs are available to nurses in the following ways: Temporary Skill Shortage Visa; Employer Nomination Scheme (Permanent Visa); Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme [Permanent Visa].
  • Australia is in high demand for nurses with critical skills. Due to the growing number of seniors in the country, the existing healthcare system is under immense pressure to improve health care provisions. To facilitate access to health care facilities in Australia, we offer our services to any Indian nurses and health care workers.