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EB5 Investor Visa


There are numerous of them who are still aiming to invest or commence with a commercial business in the world’s topmost economies and the USA lies amongst one such category where one can relentlessly invest in order to enter into the world of Investment in the biggest economies of the world. Investors or Entrepreneurs looking forward to do an Investment of $500,000 in rural areas, $1 million in any other area, and the Investment should be potential enough to give the full-time jobs to 10 candidates.  

Investors in approved projects within the United States of America are eligible for an EB-5 visa. This visa grants permanent U.S. residence. The USA EB5 visa is a great investment visa. It allows you to access the U.S. education system and the right to study, live, retire and study there. You can also receive investment back after the project is completed. The primary applicant must be able to reside in the USA for at least 6 months each year.

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EB-5 Program would be an ideal option. EB-5 Program offers multi-dimensional benefits as follows:

  • The perks that EB-5 Program provides are equivalent to that of what a Green Card Holder enjoys.
  • It gives the privilege to the applicant & his family to stay, work & live anywhere in the United States of America
  • It paves the way rapidly to US Citizenship within 5 years of getting Permanent Residency
  • This program also gives access to high profiled school education
  • There is no requirement of an H1-B Visa for working further in the USA.

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The Regional Center Program, also known as the Immigrant Investor Program, requires a minimum investment of $1.8million or $900,000. If the investment is in a Targeted Employment Areas (TEA), a lower $900,000. Participants who invest in commercial enterprises that are associated with USCIS approved regional centers based on economic growth proposals will be exempted from EB-5 visas. The investment must be considered “at-risk” and demonstrate that it will create at least 10 US jobs over the next two years. Many EB5 projects have a real estate connection. These investments require minimal investor participation and are packaged.

The proof of legal acquisition must be provided, the investment must be “at-risk”, and the investor must not have any criminal records.


The EB5 visa can be used to obtain a green card by investing. After two years, investors are awarded a green card. However, there are only 10,000 applicants each year and 5,000 reserved for regional centers. The success rate for the Eb-5 depends on many factors, including the type of investment, personal situation, legal representation, and regional center. E2 visa allows for residency by substantial investment in a company.


E2 and EB5 are not citizenship by investment programs. After obtaining a Green Card through the EB5 route, applicants can apply to become citizens of the USA after five years of permanent residency. Naturalization is the name of this process.