Business Visa

You’re classified as business visitor if you:

  • Coming to participate in international business activities without being part of the Canadian labour market
  • Are visiting Canada temporarily to
  • Explore ways to grow your business
  • Invest
  • Enhance your business relationships

Business visitors are able to stay for up to 6 months.

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To qualify as a business visitor to Canada, you must show that:

  • You plan to stay for less than six months
  • You don’t intend to enter the Canadian market
  • Your primary place of business and source of income and profits is outside Canada
  • You have documents to support your application
  • You meet basic requirements to enter Canada, such as
  • You hold a valid travel document such as a passport
  • Have enough money for your stay and to return home
  • Plan to leave Canada at the end of your visit
  • Are not a criminal, security or a health risk to Canadians
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Types of activities allowed on a Business visitor visa

    • Buying Canadian goods or services for a foreign business or government
    • Taking orders for goods and services
    • Attending meetings, conferences, conventions or trade fairs
    • Providing post-sales service
    • Being trained by a Canadian parent company that you work for outside Canada
    • Training employees of a Canadian branch of a foreign company
    • Being prepared by Canadian company that has sold you equipment or services

    Please note: Under the North American Free Trade Agreement, the U.S. or Mexican national may also participate in other activities such as research, marketing and general services. 

What you require to enter Canada?

  • If you’re a business visitor, you will require a visitor visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to enter Canada. You may be required to provide your fingerprints and photo (biometrics) if applying for a visitor visa. Please note: business visitors and business people are not the same. Business people come to do work in Canada under a free trade agreement.

What to bring with you to Canada?

It is mandatory to have the following documents handy when you arrive at the border:

    • A passport or travel document that is valid for your entire stay
    • A valid visitor visa, if applicable.
    • If you need an eTA, you must travel using the same passport you used in your application.
    • Letters of support from your parent company along with an invitation letter from the Canadian host business or a Letter of Recognition from the Canada Border Services Agency
    • Other documents such as warranty or service agreements, or contracts, if relevant to your visit.
    • 24-hour contact details of your business host in Canada
    • proof of sufficient funds for your entire stay in Canada and to return to your home country