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Business Visa

Business Visa

Indian Passport holders who want to apply  for the Ireland Business visa can get the required information about this visa by referring to our page. Below we will explain the Ireland Business Visa requirements, which typically contain the required documents for the visa along with the requirements for eligibility. General guidelines to follow when applying for Ireland Business Visa documents can be found on the site.

A Business Visa is valid for Ireland is ideal for people who are visiting Ireland to conduct negotiations, meet as well as participate in other business activities. This visa allows visitor’s access to Ireland for up to 90 days.
You are also able to work for up to 14 days continuously during the time you are at work.

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  • Valid passport
  • Completed visa application form
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to cover your return trip as well as the time you stay in Ireland
  • Letter of cover from your company
  • A letter of invitation from the company that you’ll be visiting. It includes information about their address as well as the dates of your visit
  • A written confirmation from your employer that gives the right to travel on business
  • The company must provide an authorization for the coverage of costs on the letter or invitation
  • Evidence of accommodation
  • A proof that you’ll be returning to your country following your trip. To be able to prove this, you must to show proof of your family and work obligations in your home country.
  • The proof of payment for the visa fee

The processing time for the Ireland business visa is eight weeks.

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