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Many people from different parts of the globe come to Canada and spend rest of their lives on this land happily fulfilling their dreams one after another. By obtaining Permanent Residency in Canada, your life will become much easier and hassle-free. That’s why, people prefer settling down in this place more than anywhere else. A lot of factors are responsible behind it. Some of them include lucrative job opportunities, friendly people, environment, and stable life.

Permanent Residency visa allows you to obtain all the benefits, which a Permanent Resident gets. The person is able to study, work and live anywhere in Canada, obtains health benefits, applies for Canadian citizenship and is protected as per Canadian laws. If you are willing to get Permanent residency in Canada, you have come to the right place. We will be able to give you the suitable options based on your profile. We are well versed with the Canadian Laws designed for Permanent Residency. We make sure that we follow all the guidelines as to avoid any hassles later on.

Different categories are available when it comes to Permanent Residency. We will discuss all those categories with you and suggest you the most suitable one based on your status. Enjoy spending your lifetime in Canada!

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We respect the decision of our clients and give them enough time to make up their minds for Immigration.

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Our service technicians are trained professionals and an integral part of Immigration Services.

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Our Assessment will help you find out if you are eligible to apply for a Visa.

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It is highly recommended to come to us for any query related to pre landing services.

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We provide best Immigrant Visa Application Processing Assistance.

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We provide immigration, counseling and mentoring services to students and individuals interested in moving to abroad, especially Canada, for higher studies. We have tie-ups with various colleges and universities and offer guidance in all the matters related to studying abroad. All our consultants are licensed practitioners and practice full time on immigration matters. We always remain updated on the changing rules and regulations of immigration and accept only those cases that have the merits to get visa.

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I have received my Visa and this is really a happy moment for me, all thanks to Visa Architects team.

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I am very thankful to Visa Architects team. They are very friendly and cooperative. Best Visa Immigration company.

They give genuine information and explains everything in detail. A big thanks to Visa Architects team.