Quebec, a province of eastern Canada that is predominantly French-speaking, has 2 vibrant cities to its south. It is connected by the Chemin du Roy highway which runs along the Saint Lawrence River. Montreal’s metropolis is named after Mt. Royal is the three-peaked hill that lies at its center. Quebec City dates back to 1608. It retains its colonial core, Place Royale. Vieux Port is a historic harbor that is now well-known for its nightlife.

It has a rich European history and culture. There are vibrant cities like Montreal and Quebec. This is the place most Canadians call home after they move to Canada from Quebec.

Quebec also has its own immigration system, complete with programs and selection criteria. This page provides information about your options for immigration and a guide to the process of getting a Quebec visa.

Immigration programs for Quebec

About Quebec Immigration

Quebec has the highest immigration authority of any province. Quebec was more involved in Canada’s immigration system in 1968 when it established its own immigration ministry. Quebec realized that more immigrants were essential to maintain its Francophone identity.

The federal government has given the province more immigration authority over time. It is now responsible for selecting skilled workers who wish to immigrate to Quebec. These immigrants are admitted by the federal government.

Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

This is the process for skilled workers who wish to become permanent residents of Canada.

Quebec has an agreement with Canada on immigration. Each province has its own criteria for selecting immigrants who can adapt to their lifestyle.

You must declare your interest to immigrate to Quebec for work. You will be invited to submit an application for permanent selection if your profile meets the requirements in Quebec.

You must complete the following steps to immigrate to Canada, as a Quebec-selected skilled worker.

  1. Apply to the Quebec Government for a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificate de selection du Quebec [CSQ]).
    • You will be assessed by the Province of Quebec, according to its own rules.
    • This certificate proves that you have been accepted as an immigrant by Quebec.
  2. If Quebec selects you and issues you a CSQ, then you can apply to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada to obtain permanent residence.

You must possess the skills and training that will allow you to integrate into your new job in Quebec.

Other factors are also considered such as:

  • Language proficiency;
  • Your age
  • Your spouse’s characteristics
  • Children are always present.

Quebec Experience Program (PEQ)

If you are a Quebec student or a temporary worker, this allows you to get a Quebec selection certificate that will allow you to settle permanently in Quebec.

If you satisfy all conditions, you may submit a request.

  • Quebec Graduate – If you are a Quebec Institution Qualified and have at least 12 to18 months of work experience in Quebec (depending on the study program), then you can apply.
  • Skilled Temporary Workers – If you have held a job in Quebec, Canada for 24 months or more, this is the right place.

Quebec Permanent Immigration Pilot Programs

For the food processing industry

If you are a temporary worker in Quebec’s food processing industry, this pilot program will allow you to settle permanently in Quebec.

The pilot program was implemented on March 24 2021 and will close on January 1, 2026.

You can apply for permanent selection if you meet the requirements and receive a Certificate de selection du Quebec (CSQ) you must also meet the following requirements:

  • Proficiency in spoken French
  • Have work experience in Quebec in a job or sector that is eligible
  • At the time you submit your application, you must hold a job in a Quebec eligible sector

This pilot program will allow for the selection of 550 food processing workers per year, as well as their families.

For workers in the artificial intelligence, information technologies, and visual effects sectors

If you’re:

  • A foreign worker or a Quebecer with an artificial intelligence degree
  • A foreign worker in information technology and visual effects

This pilot program went into effect on April 22, 2021. The office will close on January 1, 2026.

You can apply for permanent selection if you meet the requirements and receive a Certificate de selection du Quebec (CSQ). You must also meet the following requirements:

  • If you submit a Francophone profile application, be fluent in spoken French
  • You can hold or have accepted a job within Quebec’s artificial intelligence, information technology, or visual effects sector.

This program allows the selection of 550 people each year, including their families, which are 275 Quebec graduates and temporary workers in artificial intelligence and 275 foreign workers working in information technology visual effects.

Quebec Business Immigration Programs

If you are interested in applying for permanent residence in Quebec Canada and would like to invest in, start a new or buy an existing business in the province you can choose from one of the following programs:

  • Entrepreneur Program
  • Program for Investors
  • Program for the Self-employed

Each category has a limited application intake and each one has its own eligibility criteria. Your age, education, financial stability, and ties with the province (such as family members who live in the province) are all factors that will be considered.

Entrepreneur Program

This program has two streams: Stream 1 is for foreign entrepreneurs looking to start or run a Quebec business, and stream 2 is for entrepreneurs who are interested in purchasing and operating a Quebec business. A minimum start-up deposit is required of between $200,000 to $300,000. There are also minimum net worth requirements of $900,000.

Program for Investors

This investor program is designed for foreign investors looking to invest in Quebec businesses. You must agree to a five-year term investment of a minimum of $1,200 and at least $2,000,000 net assets.

Program for Self-Employed Workers

This program is open to professionals and business people who want to move to Quebec as self-employed people. You will need to deposit at least $25,000- $50,000 in start capital, have at least $100,000 in net assets and have at least two years of experience in a relevant self-employed position.