Quebec Experience Program

Quebec Experience Program

The Quebec Experience Program is a popular immigration route for foreign students who have an eligible degree earned in Quebec and eligible individuals with work experience in Quebec. 

The Quebec Government is encouraging foreign workers employed in Quebec and international students who are completing the postsecondary program in Quebec to stay in the province for a long time.

It is the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) is a streamlined fast-track procedure that leads to permanent residence for both categories of applicants. The program permits international students and temporary foreign workers apply for permanent residence within Quebec following the completion of a period of work that is deemed to be qualified or approved studies.

A number of changes were implemented to the requirements of PEQ on the 22nd of July in 2020. Also, there were a number of transitional measures specifically targeted at people already living in Quebec as the criteria were revised.

Quebec Experience Program for students:

In order for students to be eligible to be eligible, they must have enrolled in Quebec for a full time period and obtained one of the below types of diplomas:

  • Diploma of Vocational Studies (Diplome d’Etudes Professionelles) involving 1 800 hours of study;
  • DVS and then An Attestation of Vocational Specialistization ( Attestation de specialisation professional ) in total 1,800 hours of studies;
  • Diploma of College Studies, technical training (Diplome d’Etudes Collegiales technique);
  • Bachelor’s degree;
  • Master’s degree (and MBA); or
  • Doctorate.

The degree or diploma must be awarded by a university or public educational institution that is that is located within Quebec that is recognized by the federal government. In addition, the student from outside Canada must have been a resident of Quebec during at minimum half of the time of their course of study.

Additionally the student must also have the following work experience

Holders of technical college diplomas or a bachelor’s degree, master’s or doctoral degree:

  • Full-time experience in work for at least 12 consecutive months after the completion of the program of study in an employment at the NOC level 0 A, B or.
  • Have a full-time position in NOC Level 0, A, or B when you submit application.
  • Experience gained through a full-time or part-time internship that is part of the course can be considered 3 months in total.

holders of the diploma of Vocational Studies, either by themselves or in conjunction with an attestation Vocational specialization

  • Full-time employment experience for at least 18 month following the conclusion of the program of study in an employment position at NOC level 0 A, B or C.
  • Have a full-time position at NOC levels 0 A, B, or C as of application.
  • Experience at NOC levels 0 A or B is not connected to the study program.
  • Experience at NOC level C has to be tied to the degree obtained in Quebec.
  • Work experience gained by completing a full or part-time internship that is part of the course can be recognized for the maximum of three months.

In addition, the international student must possess an intermediate-advanced knowledge of oral French. The student is able to prove his proficiency in French through one or more of these:

  • completed one of the above-mentioned programs with French;
  • Learned in French on an ongoing basis for at least 3 years at an educational secondary or post-secondary institution;
  • Has passed a recognized French test, like Test d’evaluation de francais, Exam of French Evaluation or many others;
  • Meets the requirements for language of a professional organization for a professional order in Quebec.

Students can submit their application for permanent selection in the PEQ The PEQ – Quebec graduate stream either from within Quebec or abroad after completing their course of studies.

Quebec Experience Program for Temporary Workers:

Candidates must satisfy all the requirements of Quebec Experience Program when applying.

Quebec Experience Program for temporary foreign workers Conditions

  • Absent to establish and work within Quebec.
  • Have worked and lived legally in Quebec.
  • Legally in Quebec as the temporary foreign worker as part of an exchange program for youth.
  • You must hold a full-time position with NOC levels 0, B, or B, when you submit your application.
  • Must have had an employment full-time at NOC level either A or B, for at minimum 24 of the previous 36 months prior to the submission.
  • Demonstrate oral proficiency in French that is at least 7 on the scale of French proficiency levels for adults or equivalent
  • You must provide for your essential needs, and in the event that it is necessary the needs of your spouse, the de facto spouse and children who are dependent on your application for a minimum period of three (3) months.
  • You must be at least 18 years old , and have a valid passport.
  • Take an Quebec values test within timeframes that are specified (including spouses and children 18 and over).