Nearly 40% of Canadians call Ontario their home, making it Canada’s most populous province. Canada’s capital, Ottawa, is located in Ontario and Toronto, the country’s largest city. Ontario is in many ways the Centre of Canada’s political, economic, and social life.
Ontario is the most popular destination for Canadian newcomers. One-third of all newcomers to Canada arrive in Ontario each year. Ontario is a great place to live because of its diverse population, job opportunities, and high income. More than half of Toronto’s residents were born outside Canada.
The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Programme (OINP) is the Ontario Provincial Nurses Program.
The province may nominate potential immigrants who have the required skills and experience to receive a nomination. After that, they can apply for permanent residence in Canada through Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

Ontario Immigration Programs

Overview of the Ontario PNP

OINP’s primary goals are to reduce skill shortages in certain areas, make it easier on investors in Ontario and ensure that newcomers settle in the province and integrate well.

Ontario nominates around 8,000 newcomers every year.
Some streams of immigration to Ontario can be described as base streams, while others can be described as enhanced streams.
Enhanced streams are those that are aligned with the Express Entry system. Canada uses this federal immigration system to process permanent residence applications through the three main economic categories of immigration programs.

The system assigns candidates a point score based on their CRS. The highest-ranking candidates are invited to apply for permanent residence.
Six hundred points are awarded to those who have been nominated under a provincial program that was enhanced. This guarantees permanent residence as well as an invitation to apply (ITA). Express Entry can also be used to nominate them.

Business Category

Entrepreneur Stream

The Entrepreneur Stream was created to assist foreigners in buying a business, creating a new company, or purchasing an existing one. After the business is established, entrepreneurs can be nominated for Canadian permanent residency by Immigration Ontario under the OINP Entrepreneur Stream. To be eligible under the Ontario INP, an entrepreneur must have at least 33.3% ownership to open a new business or buy an existing one. Officials from Immigration Ontario will assess the viability and feasibility of the business plan as part of the application process. An OINP performance agreement will be required. This agreement will outline essential job creation and investment commitments within two years. You can apply for Canadian permanent residence if you are an entrepreneur and are willing to invest in or manage a business in the Province.

Why Entrepreneurs Choose Ontario

There are many economic opportunities in Ontario for entrepreneurs and business owners. Entrepreneurs can benefit from lower taxes and overheads, a highly skilled workforce, and various provincial funding programs, mainly if they are younger than 30.

The Business Category is intended for people who want to buy or start a business in Ontario. The Entrepreneur Stream is the only stream available under the Business Category.

Program Requirements:

  • You must have 24 months of business experience in the past 60 months.
  • If the business is to be located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), it must have a net worth of CAD 850,000 OR If the company is located outside of the GTA, CAD 400,000
  • If the business is to be established in the GTA, you must make a minimum personal investment of CAD 600,000.OR If the company is located outside of the GTA, CAD 200,000
  • At least one-third must be the owner of the business’s equity.
  • Participate actively in the management of your business
  • It is essential to realize the primary purpose of investing: To make a profit.
  • If the business is located in GTA, must create at least two permanent, full-time jobs for Canadian citizens. OR If the company is located outside of the GTA, one permanent, full-time position. One full-time position is needed if the business is located in the information and communication sector or digital communications sector.
  • If you’re purchasing an existing business, you must meet additional requirements.

Employer Job Category

There are three categories within the Employer Job Category:

This category allows employers to hire and retain skilled workers and international students in the province. You must have a valid, permanent, full-time job offer from an Ontario employer to be eligible for this stream.

International Student Stream

You must ensure that your job offer is for a permanent, full-time position in a skilled occupation on the National Occupation Classification. You must also ensure that the job is at least equivalent to the standard wage for the occupation in Ontario.

Program Eligibility:

  • You must have a permanent, full-time job in an Ontario-eligible occupation.
  • You must have at least one year of work experience and a valid license.
  • You must have the intention to live in Ontario
  • Additional requirements must be met by the employer (business, revenue, and employment).


need a job offer?

Additional Requirements

Foreign Worker Stream Yes
  • If the occupation doesn’t require a license, authorization, or another type of permit, you must have at least two years’ work experience.
  • The median wage for this occupation in Ontario must be paid at a higher level.
Skills for In-Demand Yes
  • You must have a job in a high-demand occupation
  • You must have at least nine months’ work experience
  • Language requirement: CLB4 or higher (English, French, or German)
  • You must have a high school diploma
  • The median wage for this occupation in Ontario must be paid at a higher level.
Skilled Trades Stream Yes
  • The minimum wage for this occupation in Ontario must be higher than that of the lowest-paid.
  • You must have a Canadian diploma or degree of at least two years.

Human Capital Category

The Human Capital category is open to skilled workers, French-speaking skilled workers, and tradespersons.

The Human Capital Category is split into two streams.

These programs can be found in the Human Capital Category: Ontario Express Entry sub-stream.

  • Human Capital Priorities – This category includes the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) and Canadian Experience Class, (CEC).
  • Skilled Trades: For individuals with relevant Ontario work experience in an eligible trade occupation.
  • French-Speaking Skilled Workers: This program, similar to Human Capital Priorities, operates through FSWP/CEC. French-Speaking Skilled Workers require applicants with strong English- and French-speaking skills.

If you are nominated by Ontario Express Entry, you will be notified.

These programs are part the Human Capital Category International Grads sub-stream. Applicants must create a profile, and then register an expression of interest (EOI).

Both the Masters and Ph.D. Graduate Streams use Ontario’s Expression Of Interest (EOI) system.

Program Eligibility:

These are the minimum requirements for eligibility for any stream in the Human Capital category.

  • Make sure you have enough money to support your family and yourself.
  • Must intend to live in Ontario
  • You need to meet additional requirements for the stream you are applying.