New Brunswick is the largest of Canada’s three Maritime Provinces. It lies under Quebec’s Gaspe Peninsula and is adjacent to the State of Maine. New Brunswick was among the first provinces to join the Dominion of Canada, which was formed in 1867. New Brunswick has seen less immigration from other countries and is home to a diverse and multicultural population.

New Brunswick, a province located on Canada’s Atlantic Coast, is heavily forested. More than 80% of its land is covered by woodland, home to bears, moose, and other wildlife.

The NBPNP accepts applications under the following immigration categories:

Streaming Express Entry to the Labour Market

This stream allows the NBPNP to use the federal Express Entry Immigration Selection System to meet New Brunswick’s specific labor market and demographic needs. This stream is operated under the ‘Expression Of Interest’ model.

Skilled workers with employer support

New Brunswick will accept applications from those who have been offered a permanent, full-time job by a New Brunswick employer.

Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream

New Brunswick will accept applications from those who have graduated from an accredited academic institution in New Brunswick and have either started or acquired a business within the province.

Entrepreneurial Stream

This category is open to individuals who intend to start and manage a New Brunswick business. The applicant must make a financial investment in the business.

Skilled workers with family support

This category is open to individuals who have been in New Brunswick for the past three years and have strong family ties.