Federal Skilled Workers Program

Federal Skilled Workers Program

To become a resident via the Federal Skilled Workers Program, an individual must meet the minimum work experience, language ability, and education requirements. Elevate your immigration to Canada into a Permanent Residency status provided by Federal Skilled Workers Program. The complete application is a concoction of procedures and steps that we disintegrate. Each designated team and expert Immigration Lawyers work on each strategy to plate you with a successful Permanent Residence in Canada. Numerous eligible occupations are available in a considerable amount, among which you could fall into the category. We channelize it for you initially, then proceed with the other documentation part leaving you at ease. We have deployed a different mode of functioning, which has attained a high success rate throughout, i.e. no agents involved. Our assigned team of Lawyers looks after your Visa preposition.

The candidate must have a year of full-time or equivalent part-time paid work in the same job within the last ten years, and the job must be of skill type 0 or skill levels A or B of the 2011 National Occupational Classification. The language requirements include evidence of Canadian Language Benchmark 7 in the form of CIC-approved language test results, which shouldn’t be older than two years. Moreover, applicants also require either a Canadian secondary or post-secondary certificate, diploma or degree, or a completed foreign credential and an assessment of that credential from a CIC- approved agency that shows that the completed education is equivalent to a comparable Canadian certification. 

CIC also assesses the applications based on the federal skilled worker points, and the points are assigned based on the below-mentioned factors:

  • Skills in English and French
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Age
  • Presence/absence of a valid job offer, and
  • The applicant’s perceived adaptability to live in Canada.

Additionally, the candidates will also be required to provide evidence of sufficient funds to support themselves and their families unless they can already legally work in or have a valid job offer from an employer in Canada.