Federal Skilled Trades Program

Federal Skilled Trades Program

According to CIC, applicants of the Federal Skilled Trades Program must fulfil the minimum work experience and language ability requirements. If you are a full time professional in a particular field like Industrial, electrical, maintenance, chef, butcher, technician, agriculturist, the list goes on as per the National Occupational Classification (NOC). At first instance, we obtain the NOC Code as per your occupation that fits well in the category provided and which you would like to carry out in Canada. Your experience matters a lot, along with the funds you possess. You have a way out. If you don’t have a job offer from Canada, you can show your proof of funds available with you. Our legal heads take charge of your documentation process, ensuring that your application approval is maintained with utmost transparency.

Work experience must comprise at least two years of full-time work experience (or equivalent part-time work experience) within the last five years in a skilled trade.

 Applicants must also demonstrate they hold experience carrying out the duties for an eligible skilled trade outlined by the National Occupation Classification (NOC) in Major Group 72, 82, or 92 or Minor Group 632 or 633. 

The language ability scores can be lower than the skilled worker’s program for applicants applying under this program. The requirements are as below:

  • Canadian Language Benchmark 5 for listening and speaking
  • Canadian Language Benchmark 4 for reading and writing. 

The results should be satisfactory and from a CIC approved language test.

Additionally, the candidates are also required to have either an offer of full-time employment for a minimum full year or be certified in their skilled trade by a Canadian provincial or territorial authority. 

Please note: individual provinces/territories have specific requirements regarding trades qualification and the process for assessment.