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FRRO Services for Foreign Nationals

FRRO Registration for Foreigners:

FRRO registration is a mandatory requirement for all foreigners who intend to stay more than 180 days in India, irrespective of the type of visa granted. The Registration application needs to be filed within 14 days from the date of arrival in India. Not registering can result in a huge penalty and at times may even lead to deportation from India.

Visa Architects facilitates in the end-to-end process, from on-arrival briefing till the expats obtain their registration documents. Our specialists facilitate all the services listed below, in compliance with the process set by the FRRO and Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

  • Registration
  • Registration Extension
  • Change of Address (within same FRRO/FRO)
  • Change of Passport
  • Change of Course
  • MED Change of Institute/ Organization
  • Conversion Type (Only Entry Visa)
  • Visa Extension
  • OCI Registration
  • PIO to OCI Conversion
  • Exit Permit
  • New Visa for new born baby in India
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
  • Transfer RC/RP (from one FRRO/FRO to another FRRO/FRO)
  • Associated services like PAN card FORM-C etc

Document Legalization / Apostle Services:

Attestation or Legalization or Apostle is a process of certifying documents by the respective designated authority from the country of origin to recognize a foreign host country’s legal system. The certificate attestation/legalization of documents depends on the type of document, issuance place, and travel country. Documents that may require legalization/apostle include birth certificate, marriage certificate, degree certificate, and commercial documents.
Attestation/legalization of documents for immigration is a multi-step process that is time-consuming and tedious. Failing to comply with the laws and regulations about the legalization/attestation of papers can result in rejection of the work permit and visa applications and sometimes even result in detention or deportation.

The common documents that require legalization are:

Educational Documents

Certificate attestation is vital to pursue higher education in a foreign country or an employment visa. Every educational certificate must be verified from the place of issuance and attested by the State designated Authority (Human Resource – HRD / Higher Education – HED / Home Department – SHD.) followed by the MEA Attestation/ Apostle. Based on travel, translation and legalization from the foreign Mission in India may be needed.

Non-Educational Documents

All Non-Educational or personal documents have to be verified from the place of issuance and attested by the State designated Authority (State Home / Public / Foreigner’s Department) followed by the MEA Attestation/ Apostle. Based on travel, translation and legalization from the foreign Mission in India may be needed. In some cases, supporting affidavits may be required.

Commercial Documents

All documents from the business firms such as Power of Attorney /Affidavit, Board Resolutions, Certificate of Incorporation, MOA, AOA, etc., have to be attested by the respective Chamber of Commerce, followed by the MEA Attestation/ Apostle. Based on the country of travel, translation and legalization from the foreign Mission may be needed.

Translation and Notarization:

It is necessary to translate documents or obtain certificate translation to a foreign language from English or a vernacular Indian language to be accepted by some foreign countries. This step is required before one does Legalization / Apostle of document/certificate for Work Visas or study overseas. The commercial translation may also be necessary for business documents when an organization opens a foreign office or has to execute a project in a foreign nation.

Visa Architects facilitates the translation of any document through a strong network of certified translation services that are either embassy-approved or accredited agencies/ autonomous bodies like the Chambers of Commerce.

A state-commissioned public notary performs notarization. It acts as a confirmation that the contents are accurate and the signatures were placed by the intended person and not forged or fabricated, or done under duress. Visa Architects works only with accredited registered notaries to ensure the authenticity of notarized documents and affidavits. Our substantial experience specialist coupled with our nationwide network helps us to deliver notary attestation services wherever it may be required, right at your doorstep.

Document Procurement:

Having all your documents in place is vital for completing the immigration process on time for an assignment abroad. Organizations often find that their employees do not have all the documents required for a particular foreign task.

With extensive experience, we directly handle document procurement and immigration services for corporate clients and NRIs. Visa Architects facilitates getting documents on your behalf. We can do it from any part of India and globally through our impaneled partner network for your international work assignments.

We facilitate in procuring:

·Education documents – Degree/ Diploma certificates, Duplicate Degree/ Diploma Certificates, Mark Transcripts, Syllabus Copy, Consolidated Mark Statement / Transcripts from the respective Indian Universities.

·Personal documents – Registration or retrieval (re-issuance) of birth certificate/marriage certificates from the respective place of birth or marriage solemnized, Divorce Certificate, Bachelorhood Certificate, Religious Documents, and Legal Documents.

·PAN Card for Indians and Foreign nationals.

Benefits for Clients:

  • Single Window : One-stop solution for all your immigration requirements.
  • Flexibility & Scalability :We are handling immigration needs of any size while keeping track and adapting to the ever-changing immigration rules.
  • Smart Solutions :Expertise in solving the most challenging Immigration cases in the shortest possible duration at reasonable costs.
  • Quick turnaround Time :We work on the urgent Immigration requirement on priority to help clients meet their deadline while adhering 100% to the SLA requirements.
  • Professional Service :We combine the deep domain expertise of handling thousands of successful cases with a solid commitment to delivering compliant and professional Immigration services.
  • Fanatical Customer Support :Regular updates on the status of your ongoing cases and immediate alerts on procedural changes across Government agencies.
  • Compliance :Strict adherence to the rules and regulations, zero compromise on Immigration process procedures, and ensuring that you are always compliant.